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Hospital Dentistry

Dr. Robert Peracchia and Dr. Aura Caldera hold hospital appointments at New York Presbyterian-Morgan Stanley’s Children’s Hospital.

Your child will be treated by the same team of pediatric anesthesiologists, pediatric nurses, and pediatric medical staff who routinely perform the most complex and intricate surgeries on the most challenging pediatric patients, in one of the world’s most prestigious and top-ranked medical centers.

  • What is general anesthesia?

    General anesthesia is the administration of general anesthetic agents that make a person unconscious and unable to feel pain.

  • Who should receive general anesthesia for dental treatment?

    General anesthesia may be indicated in patients with extensive dental needs unable to cooperate in an office setting.  Considerations include age of the patient, emotional maturity, the extremely fearful or anxious child and patients with special health care needs.

  • Is general anesthesia safe?

    Although there is some risk associated with general anesthesia, it can be safe and effective when administered by a specialized anesthesiologist in an appropriately-equipped facility. Precautions are taken to protect your child during general anesthesia; personnel who are trained to manage complications will monitor your child closely. Your pediatric dentist will discuss the benefits and risks of general anesthesia and why it is recommended for your child.

  • What special considerations are associated with the general anesthesia appointment?

    Prior to the delivery of general anesthesia a medical clearance will be obtained.  A health and physical assesment will be required the week of the procedure date to rule out any potential infections.

    Parents are instructed to report any illness that occurs prior to the general anesthesia procedure date.  It is also very important to follow dietary precautions regarding fasting from fluids and foods prior to the appointment.

    Your child will be discharged when stable, alert, and ready to depart. Patients often are tired following general anesthesia. You will be instructed to let your child rest at home with minimal activity until the next day. Post-operative dietary recommendations also will be given.

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